Best Crestron and Lutron! Elite Premium dealer in Mallorca

New or existing Crestron | Lutron system, jobs will be performed with total guarantee.

Control & Comfort have been the certified dealer for both brands, Crestron and Lutron, based in Palma de Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands, for many years.

Certainly Crestron and Lutron stand for two of the most reputated luxury smart automation brands for marine and residential systems.

Above all, we offer guarantee in all projects, jobs and interventions that we take. Experience is a grade and we are the ones that have remained more time in business over the years.


Lutron Palma de Mallorca

In essence Lutron Electronics is focusing on lighting control systems, including both artificial light and natural light management.

Furthermore, Joel Spira Lutron deceased founder, was the inventor of the first light dimmer as we know it today.

Firstly it offers an extensive product range covering all imaginable scenarios and markets with their lighting dimmers, modules and keypads.

Secondly it has specialised on natural lighting management as a way to energy efficiency with their shading solutions.

In addition Lutron offers solutions for climate integration to permit a complete smart automation solution.

Certainly Control & Comfort is fully Lutron certified and have been Lutron Mallorca’s official dealer since year 2015.


Crestron Palma de Mallorca

Briefly Crestron Electronics is offering a complete smart automation and entertainment system solution thorugh their wide product family.

In other words, their product range offers:

Likewise for Lutron Control & Comfort is fully certified and have been Crestron Mallorca’s official dealer since our foundation in 2008.

Crestron Silver Master Programmers

Crestron Silver Master Programmer

Most importantly Control & Comfort count with the higuest programming certification in Spain and Portugal to date.

Crestron certifications are recognized throughout the AV industry and used to validate knowledge of Crestron software and solutions.

Meaning that becoming a Crestron Certified Programmer demonstrates a level of commitment and proficiency that customers have come to expect.

Only Crestron Certified Programmers are invited to participate in the exclusive and specialized Masters Conference held annually.

Silver level Crestron Master Programmers have had to assist three Master Conferences and pass an extensive exam.

Therefore Master Programmers can demonstrate their knowledge is up-to-date with Crestron’s rapidly evolving technology.

Crestron Authorised Marine Dealer

Control & Comfort is proud to become the first and only Crestron Authorized Marine Dealer in Spain. Label assigned only to the most qualified and experienced Marine Dealers.

We are based in Mallorca, heart of the Meditearranean sea, in the Balearic Islands and able to work around Europe.

Consequently as a Crestron Marine Dealer we could offer you:

  • A 5-year warranty on Crestron Marine Designs
  • Specialized Marine shipping support for both new products and replacements anywhere in the world
  • Global product availability assurance on marine forecasted projects
  • Specialized Crestron Marine training
  • Global specialized Crestron Marine support
  • Dedicated tech sales number and help to provide the prompt attention and advanced knowledge this demanding market requires


CEDIA Expert Palma

In short CEDIA stands for Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association and Control & Comfort have been part of it since 2013.

CEDIA is the global trade association and central touch point for residential technology.  Provides its members with cutting-edge education, develops standards to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and is the industry’s only certifying body.

In other words CEDIA furthers collaboration with architects, designers, builders, and homeowners to deliver technology solutions allowing families to experience their best moments in life in the comfort of their own homes.

Proudly Control & Comfort stands as the only certified CEDIA member in Palma de Mallorca.

Local Support

Over the years we have realised many projects been done by companies from abroad, specially for Crestron and Lutron in Palma Mallorca.

While this might seem a good option because of the trust to the company coming, it is usually a disaster due to the impossibility to maintain, troubleshoot and respond quickly to any issue that may arise.

To sum up our recommendation is to always use local certified experts and specialists that can service Lutron and Crestron projects at Palma Mallorca in Spain whenever needed.