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Great service and support
“C&C performed outstanding work on board. CCTV and Lutron lighting upgrade done up to the highest yacht industry standard. Company highly recommended!”
Christian S.
Chief Engineer of 52m Sailing Yacht
Excellent work on board
We enjoy working with C&C. They just completed a Lutron work on board. They installed everything with no problems. Thanks guys. 10/10.
Tim S.
Project Manager of 32m Motor Yacht

Lutron Marine Specialist Based
in Palma de Mallorca

Marine Friendly

Marine applications pose unique challenges for lighting control products and systems.

Therefore devices installed on marine vessels typically require higher degrees of protection by their enclosure so as to guard against water damage.

Additionally power generation on marine vessels is usually ungrounded which poses challenges for electronics and dimmers.

Also, onboard power generators are more vulnerable to anomalies within the AC waveform due to the connected load and may undesirably affect the lighting on board.

Above all Lutron have proven solutions on all relative to Maritime to be suitable in such a challenging environment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any Lutron Marine Lighting or Shading solution you will need in Palma de Mallorca or abroad.

Reliable and LED Compatible

We all know the challenges when upgrading from traditional type loads, fittings such as halogens, to LED.

Traditional dimmers where not initially designed to fit LED loads as these are controlled in a totally different manner.

Some typical LED issues that might are are flickering, drop out, pop on, unproper dimming at lower levels, residual light even at 0% and/or dimmer malfunction amongst others.

Nowadays’ Lutron modules are totally LED friendly permitting to control them without any issues.

Some of the LED benefits to a vessel are:

  • cost effectiveness in terms of lifetime
  • fuel savings
  • more effective AC and vessel cooling
  • maintenance time

Do not hesitate to contact us for any Lutron Mallorca Marine LED upgrade.

C&C Expertise

Over the years we have performed many Lutron system, shading and LED refits.

We understand the consequences and risks of this kind of critical system changes so we always study each project with maximum care

Control & Comfort is able to provide a staged plan to safely upgrade, repair or refit any new or existing Lutron system.

We are working around Europe providing the best service with maximum guarantee and adjusting to the tight schedules required.

The Best Smart Lighting Control System

Lighting at its Best

For decades, Lutron has been the leader in lighting controls and automated shades.

Lutron is building the complete luxury home experience:

  • Beautiful lights
  • Intelligent shades
  • Powerful controls

For a total light control, including artificial and natural light, all together.

Daylight Control

Intelligent shading systems with refined style, precision and most silent ones in the market.

With a virtually unlimited amount of fabric options, wired or wireless. We can find an appropriate solution to every need.

Climate Control

Sleek and intuitive design for every climate system making it smarter and easier to use.


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