Energy Efficiency

We live in a world with limited resources so we aim to do our small part by designing our systems to be energy efficient

We appreciate that the environment, and particularly the use of energy efficiency is of increasing concern to us all.

While there is much work still to be done in this field, Control & Comfort is already making a significant contribution.

For instance, the value of dimming:

  • is not only in the exact amount of light you need
  • but also by using a dimmer a light bulb life could extend up to by ten times.

Additionally our shading system play a part there too:

  • controlling daylight to our advantage can reduce the amount of heating or cooling a living space needs
  • many times also limit the use of artificial lighting.

We at Control & Comfort design our systems taking in mind energy efficiency.

Meaning you use the exact amount of energy you need to power every system and save money.

Additionally we program green and eco modes to our lighting and climate control systems.

Consequently they can be activated automatically once a daylight sensor detects there is enough light in specific room or the system is no longer in use.