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  • Dedicated Cinema
    Dedicated Cinema
    Imagine having your very own cinema at home. Sit back and relax in luxurious cinema-style seats and watch your favourite movies on your big screen.
    Dedicated Cinema >> More
  • Audio Video Media Room
    Audio Systems
    Transform the way you listen to music. Play the same music throughout your property or something different in every room
    Audio Systems >> More
  • Home Cinema
    Audio Visual Systems
    Turn your home into a multimedia masterpiece, or simply enjoy watching TV and video anywhere from your dining room to your bedrooms.
    Audio Visual Systems >> More
  • Integrated User Interface
    Bringing everything together with intuitive interfaces allowing you to have complete control over your entire home at the touch of a button – music, video, lighting, climate, security and even curtains and blinds.
    Integration >> More
  • Lighting Design
    Create just the right light for any activity or set scenes in specific areas of your living space, all at the touch of a button or voice command
    Lighting >> More
  • Smart Shades
    Use the sun to your advantage with automated blinds. Convert harsh glare into soft, pleasing light, while preserving your view
    Shades >> More
  • Smart Climate
    Adjust heating or cooling systems any time of day, even while you are away
    Climate >> More
  • Smart Intercom
    Do not miss any visit by swapping control over your cellular when you leave home
    Intercom >> More
  • Smart Security
    Indoor and outdoor cameras keep an eye on your property when you’re out, offering complete threat monitoring 24 hours a day
    Security >> More
  • Smart Access System
    Access Control
    Protect access to your property and link it to your smart system to welcome you when you arrive or enter a security mode while you are away
    Access Control >> More
  • Efficiency and Technology
    Energy Efficiency
    We live in a world with limited resources so we aim to do our small part by designing our systems to be energy efficient
    Energy Efficiency >> More
  • Remote Monitoring
    Remote Monitoring
    Once a system is finished we still worry and make sure everything works as expected
    Remote Monitoring >> More
  • Comfort Care
    After Care
    Control & Comfort offer support and maintenance contracts for any critical issues, fixes or updates that might be necessary in future
    After Care >> More
  • Crestron and Lutron in Palma de Mallorca
    Best Crestron and Lutron! Elite Premium dealer in Mallorca
    New or existing Crestron | Lutron system, jobs will be performed with total guarantee.
    Best Crestron and Lutron! Elite Premium dealer in Mallorca >> More

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