Remote Monitoring

Once a system is finished we still worry and make sure everything works as expected

At Control & Comfort any time we complete a project we still check system health making use of remote monitoring.

Proactive Remote Monitoring

Consequently with remote monitoring we ensure that everything is working as it should and proactively prevent issues.

Another feature we provide is measure Internet quality by constantly logging speed and latency permitting us to measure system performance.

Real-Time Alerts

In case anything is wrong our alerting features notify our team in real-time when a device has gone down.

Occasionally issues are just a satellite decoder froze or a power supply failed and the device is not responding.

As a result through remote power management we can reboot a device and that usually fixes the issue.

Moreover we realise, many times even before the customer notices, minimizing inconvenience and avoiding unnecessary service calls.

Remote Login

Additionally we have the option to remotely log in to the system. So most times we are saving an engineer travelling to a property.

Therefore saving time and money to both parts and being more efficient than most others.