Access Control

Protect access to your property and link it to your smart system to welcome you when you arrive or enter a security mode while you are away

Control & Comfort smart access system eases your life by automating your kids or staff access to certain areas of your property.

Smart Access System

For example, decide to permit the gardener to access the main entry and garage just during certain days of the week and time.

Additionaly monitor the access activity or change it anytime from anywhere in the world remotely.

You could, for instance, set your alarm through your fingerprint, switch off lighting, lower the shades and simulate occupancy with just a slide.

Access Control Units

Different type of access control units:

  • Numeric keypads to enter static codes to grant access. Virtually as many codes as needed could be set.
  • Finger print scanners, every single finger enables a different action. This is a much safer option than keypads as codes cannot be learned.
  • Bluetooth receivers, pair your mobile device bluetooth signal to allow access.
  • Magnetic keys allow a quick way to get into a property.
  • Facial recognition cameras permit linking to allow certain predefined actions.