Create just the right light for any activity or set scenes in specific areas of your living space, all at the touch of a button or voice command

We at Control & Comfort will design a smart lighting system that will not only set a perfect ambient but make the most of natural light combining blind control and reducing your energy consumption.

Smart Lighting

Just create a comfortable place to dine and entertain friends at the dining room.

Alternatively schedule a dimmed exterior lighting at dusk with an automatic disabling after sunrise.

An intelligent lighting control system permits whole house control so switching all lights across your property.

For instance, specially useful to switch off when leaving in a rush or linked together to your alarm system so there is no need to make sure every single light is shut.

Smart lighting automation allows recalling ambient scenes easily with a button press.

Likewise you could edit your scenes to your convenience in each room making use of a simple app with no need for a whole reprogramming.

In addition customised keypads permit to personalise your lighting system by engraving making it even simpler. It is specially useful for your family and guests.

Lighting Design and Electrical Planning

Control & Comfort will bring together the missing step between the lighting designer, the smart system and the electrical contractor.

We will take care of every single aspect and act as a coordinator between all parts involved:

  • Electrical design
  • Lighting control systems
  • Lighting fixture specification
  • Detailed technical designs