Bringing everything together with intuitive interfaces allowing you to have complete control over your entire home at the touch of a button – music, video, lighting, climate, security and even curtains and blinds.

A Control & Comfort designed system is by definition easy to use and manage. We provide Control for your Comfort!

What is Integration?

Integration in a Smart System environment is to make independent systems communicate and work together.

For instance, imagine you have a huge property with shades and security blinds all around in each of the windows.

Integration permits to link the event after sliding a finger through a fingerscanner to arm the alarm and automatically close all shades and blinds at once.

Control & Comfort is a CEDIA certified smart System Integrator.

Control User Interfaces

These human interfaces control different types of systems or they could even manage all of them together from a single device. That is by definition Integration.

Following there are listed the most common control surfaces added to a system as they are needed:

  • Wireless smart remotes that substitute all conventional hand-held controls and programmed with the most used activities to simplify all actions.

Just press “Watch movie” and you are done, sit and relax. There is no need to know about all devices involved.

  • Keypads, either wired or wireless. Used to control lighting and personalised to each project by programming comfort systems as needed. Engrave them to make life easier to guests.
  • Thermostats permit to control room climate systems from a single device and also inform about room’s actual temperature for automatic adjusting.
  • Touch screens allow to see everything at a glance making easier to manage a whole property. Usually at the entrance or each level’s entry-hall.
  • Comfort app allowing to control a property Comfort system from any mobile device, either phone or tablet, locally or remotely.
  • Voice control set lighting, adjust temperature or play your favorite playlist while you are cooking at the kitchen with your hands busy.

Ok Josh, turn on the lights and open the shades (Artificial Intelligence)