Audio Systems

Transform the way you listen to music. Play the same music throughout your property or something different in every room

Control & Comfort will design and install a virtually hidden audio system and make you enjoy music like you have never done before.

Audio Systems

Making use of loudspeakers positioned around a property, you are just a click away from your favourite playlist or show.

No matter your expectations once we discover, you could just enjoy some simple ambient music or the higuest fidelity.

Multiroom Audio

Have you ever wanted to play the same music all around the property? That is what a multiroom audio system permits.

Therefore a party mode allows to play the same audio content on all zones or just make use some of them.

Let everybody play its favourite music in his space from different audio sources at the same time.

Adjust independent audio levels in each area as you do not need the same loudness in your kitchen and your terrace.

Wired or Wireless

At Control & Comfort we always recommend hardwired solutions as they usually remain much more reliable than wireless ones.

But if you just realised you needed music somewhere you did not plan to we have wireless options available.

Audio Media

Enjoy playing your audio collection stored on local drives and have all your music easily accessible on a single device.

Make playlists as you need them! Managing your music has never been as easy as with our audio systems.

On the other hand you could enjoy music streaming services (Spotify, Tidal, etc.) and manage them easily from a single unit.

Need to create a playlist composed of some local tracks and different music services? No problem, easy with Control & Comfort systems.

Smart Control

Choose to control your music system easily through an app, smart remote or even voice command through an AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant.

Music has never been so easy to enjoy before!