Audio Video Systems

Turn your home into a multimedia masterpiece, or simply enjoy watching TV and video anywhere from your dining room to your bedrooms.

Control & Comfort designs easy to use Audio Visual Systems aiming to hide technology while keeping all quality.

Video Distribution

Our video distribution systems allow to share the same source/s around the property to several displays.

Moreover having a centralised system will clear the room of visual clutter in each zone.

To clarify, distribution does not compromise video quality and we grant the very best picture quality available.

As a result by sharing entertainment sources amongst rooms you could decrease the number of services contracted from providers.

In other words there is no need for a dedicated satellite set-top box for every single room as you could use a few on demand.

In addition easily move from location and keep watching the same sports event having flexibility to reroute sources to any screen anytime.

Also you could monitor what kids are watching in their room.

Audio Visual Systems – Media Centers

You could enjoy the film you want to watch with a dedicated movie server that stores all your content digitally at the maximum quality available.

Or alternatively you could use any Internet streaming service as nowadays your blockbuster is at home. Therefore you could have all your services together in a single media device.

Smart Control

Our Audio Visual can be fully integrated with lighting and shade control to create a perfect viewing environment.

Imagine lights dim, shades lower and your favorite movie starts playing with just a single button tap from your smart remote.

Again smart remotes besides its simplicity, replace all system device’s particular hand-held controls in a single unit.